Ashley is professional, personable, and artistic, all in one!

A fantail is a small, insectivorous bird of the South Pacific.  It is an aerial acrobat, flitting to and fro with seemingly impossible grace as it attempts to catch bugs.  It is commonly found following hikers on New Zealand's world famous backcountry trails, darting around them without fear as it snaps up the insects stirred by their passing.

Like my company's eponymous bird, I seek to capture the most important memories of your life by twisting, turning, and maneuvering adeptly around our subjects.  This physical and creative agility leads to stunning images that are one-of-a-kind.  In addition to my artistic adeptness, I am a small business owner, and I run my company as such.  My focus on controlling costs, smart booking, and flexible packages allows me to serve my customers in the most effective, affordable way possible.  

I am Fantail's owner and main photographer, Ashley.  After many years in academia studying politics, I started pursuing my creative talent through travel.  I have sought inspiration in all corners of the world, from Istanbul to the South Pacific.   This photojournalistic background comes through in my portrait photography; landscapes and natural scenes feature prominently and serve to accentuate and add a dramatic element to my subjects.  I have over half a decade of wedding industry experience, including apprenticing under some of the finest photographers in the region as well as shooting hundreds under Fantail Photography.